What’s with people’s fascination with Hentai sex gifs

The porn industry is presently at its highest levels ever when it comes to users. Thanks to advancement in technology, more people than ever have access to the internet. Because of that, they also have more access to free porn pictures and videos. There are millions of adult related sites all over the world. Each day, endless stream of users visit these sites to view tons of free sex pics and sex gifs. The categories in porn are numerous and more are added each day.

Some of the top ten most searched for or viewed categories are not surprising. These include amateurs, Japanese, ebony, MILFS, teens and lesbians. But, there is one category that is at the top of this list which is very surprising. The hentai genre is ranked among one of the most viewed forms of porn this year. Internet users seem to be obsessed with hentai porn pics or anything related to the hentai genre. So what exactly is the reason why so many people find hentai sex GIFS so gratifying? Why is hentai porn so popular?

In case you don’t know, hentai is what is referred to as Japanese animated porn. These are actual cartoon drawings made to look as real as possible. Hentai porn is presently number three when it comes to the most popular porn categories in the world. Since Japanese girls are also another highly favorite genre, one can see the connection. Unlike regular animated cartoons, hentai GIFS or videos show hot and sexy girls having wild sex. Many of the hentai characters are very coquettish and erotic. These girls have beautiful faces and amazing bodies. The hentai sex GIFS images feature women with huge tits. In the hentai porn sex GIFS or sex pics, you can see them getting fucked hard. The animated movies show the girls as their pussies are opened and pummeled by others. It is almost the same as real porn, except that the characters are drawn. Hentai GIFS are provocative, racy and can turn anyone on instantly.

A large majority of those who search for free sex GIFS featuring hentai porn are millennials. These young teens who grew up watching regular cartoons get a taste of porn, while still watching animation. Apart from the hentai porn movies, many of the viewers see these titillating Asian girls in video games. There are many apps and video games which have sexy and really hot Asian hentai characters in them. The younger generation and even adults get a great kick out of playing these games. A popular hentai game which is causing a lot of controversy is one showing simulated rape. Although this type of porn is considered illegal in certain parts of the world, many still watch it. The hentai rape games let users do just that. They follow around hot women in the game and get to fuck them and rape them.

To be fair, sexual violence has always been very popular in porn. There are countless of movies showing women getting fucked hard all the time. They scream and moan as the men punish them with their huge cocks. This often happens when men fuck the girls doing anal sex. Even lesbians sex GIFS show a woman banging another hard with a dildo or strap on.

Another factor in the popularity of hentai sex GIFS and sex pics is their widespread availability. Every adult site these days has a hentai category. In those categories you can find unlimited amounts of hentai sex GIFS, hentai sex pics and hentai porn videos. Part of their spread is also connected to social media. Millennials and people in general spend most of their days using social media sites. It is here that they share hentai sex gifs and other types of porn. That is why you have such a huge amount of free sex GIFS found online today. The reality is that the cartoons of today, are not what most people grew up with years ago. The popularity of hentai proves that. The graphics in video games today are almost lifelike. That applies to hentai sex GIFS.

Unlike a regular sex between real people, there are no limitations when it comes to hentai porn. In hentai sex gifs or movies, animators can draw whatever they want. They can make the characters do things real actors or people are not capable of. That allows animators to go a step further and provide sex scenes which break the norm. Hentai animators can create girls with tits which defy gravity or imagination. They also make male characters with immense cocks. And the hot and sexy hentai girls take all the dick in their pussies without a problem. You can see them cum and let out all of their juices as they reach orgasm.

It is clear that hentai sex GIFS and sex pics deliver satisfaction to many people all over the world. Between what they see on the hentai sex gifs and their imagination, the possibilities are endless. That combines for allowing people who view hentai GIFS, to reach orgasmic satisfaction like never before.